Accent pillows inspired by Zapotec Patterns

"Oaxacan ancestral wealth"

The Zapotec culture is one of the oldest and most important in Mexico’s rich history. They settled in those lands at high altitudes, that is why they called themselves "the people of the clouds" since they believed that their ancestors came from there and when they died they returned to the clouds.
This culture stood out for their handicrafts since they work with different raw materials such as clay, lamb wool, cotton, copal, animal skins, stones, and silk, among others.
In Oaxaca, there is a town called Teotitlán del Valle where you can still appreciate the Zapotec culture, since their people adopted traditions with pre-Hispanic and Spanish characteristics, giving us as a result a complex culture.
Our master artisans located in this wonderful place have managed to create fabrics and products with different patterns inspired by global trends, their ancestral culture, and Zapotec features.

We cannot get enough from them!

Some of the patterns are preservations of ancient religious mythologies, like this Mitla pattern, named after the Zapotec religious center.