Artisan Spotlight: Samuel Contreras

"Family passion"

Artisanal work made in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Samuel Contreras is originally from Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico. He began working at his father’s tapestry weaving workshop when he was just eight years old. Right then he knew he’d continue with the family tradition, which had been going on for more than four generations.
Something Samuel is very passionate about is the fact that everyone can use the same tools and raw materials, but at the end of the day, each result is different. This happens because every artisan uses their own techniques and tests their creativity, which makes for more variety and diversity within the industry.
For Samuel, the wooden loom, his main work tool, is synonymous with a fountain of life, since from it he can create and give life to his works of art.
Samuel’s purpose is to show at an international level the greatness that Oaxaca has to offer while also leaving a legacy to his children so that the family tradition continues for many more decades.

At Nima, we are so proud and honored to work closely with Samuel and get to know him through his art and the amazing person he is.