Atzompa/Familia Martínez

"Clay pieces with an Oaxacan artisan heritage"
Barro negro pottery ("black clay") is a style of pottery from Oaxaca, Mexico, distinguished by its color, sheen and unique designs.

Santa María Atzompa is a famous place within the State of Oaxaca for creating beautiful pieces of black clay through a traditional technique called stone oven, where the noble clay is molded to give life to the different crafts.
Familia Martínez is led by master craftswoman Ana María Alarzón. The whole family is connected to the process of making handcrafts, but each member of the family has their own style. The pieces begin with the union of the white clay with the black clay (represented by the man and the woman) and then go through the fire and water inside the oven, thus beginning the process of reduction and firing. The color of each craft is unique and is achieved after two burnings.

At Nima, we are aware that each piece of black clay must have a story where the place of origin is represented. We are lucky to have partnered with Familia Martinez who are committed to maintaining the essence and culture of their ancestors, creating beautiful black clay pieces.