Black Clay utensils collection

"A Mexican heritage"

Our black clay pieces are created by the talented hands of master artisans from the region of Santa María Atzompa in the state of Oaxaca. These incredible artisans use a 100% handmade method with high-quality raw materials, such as black clay, which has been used for many years and is still in use today to create a wide variety of products.

Each one of them is slow-fired, which makes them adaptable to any space, in addition to having contemporary designs with a chic touch.

Turn every gathering with your family, friends and loved ones into a pleasant experience by enhancing your meal with our everyday products such as our Set of Four Espresso Coffee Cups, La Cena Barro Negro Pottery Dinner Set, Barro Negro Pottery Snack Tray.
Remember that our pieces are special because you will not find two pieces alike, as each one has a natural touch, which makes them change in size, shape and color. 
We are ready to enter your beautiful and warm home!
Kitchenware Collection is a minimalist design created by Mexican designers