Let's talk about Oaxacan gastronomy

"The place where they pay tribute to pre-hispanic food"
The different dishes and drinks made in the state of Oaxaca generate a pleasant experience through the different flavors, as the cooks seek to tribute nature and pre-hispanic culture. 
Most of these wonderful dishes can be enjoyed in one of the most famous and traditional markets of the Oaxacan capital called 20 de Noviembre, which has the famous "smoke aisle" where you will find a variety of meats and stalls to enjoy food and drinks. 
Next, we will talk about the most representative gastronomy of the state of Oaxaca in Mexico:  
The tlayuda or Oaxacan pizza is a typical dish of the central valley region, it consists of a corn tortilla 30 cm in diameter with beans, Oaxaca cheese (quesillo), avocado, and a variety of meat, it is cooked on a charcoal grill. 
Mole is a famous dish, delicious but complex, as it requires approximately 30 ingredients including 6 types of roasted chiles, almonds, cocoa, nuts, and sugar, among others for its preparation.  
The tejate or drink of the gods is representative of the Mixtec and Zapotec culture, prepared with corn, sugar, mamey bone, cocoa, and cocoa flower, its consistency is frothy and slightly thick. Lastly, mezcal is an alcoholic beverage, made from the heart of the maguey plant, it is cooked in an underground wood oven with a smoky flavor.  
These flavors will delight your palate!
 Oaxaca food guide with an overview of Oaxacan cuisine, plus our favorite Oaxaca street food, traditional dishes, moles, drinks and more. Oaxacan gastronomy is one of the cultural manifestations that identify and define the people of Oaxaca.