María De Vecchi

"Drawings that inspire"

María De Vecchi is a graphic designer born and raised in Mexico City. María’s curiosity for the art world began at a very young age mostly thanks to her grandfather, who was a watercolorist who taught her to paint with that technique.
In 2017, María launched her own project as she felt the need to express her feelings and passion through her very own art, inspired by old black and white photographs focused on fashion from the 1900 to 1980 era.
María De Vecchi is a meticulous woman, as she believes that details are very important and make a big difference. Her attention to detail is why she focuses on detailing each of her illustrations to later digitize them and share it with the world.

Thank you María for sharing with us your beautiful artwork. We feel incredibly honored to have your pieces in our catalog.
"NIMA is a place where you are guaranteed to feel at home and always take home the best memories. Thanks to the Nima team for continuing to create experiences that last a lifetime and for allowing me to be part of the Nima Local Shop. This project will undoubtedly be as incredible as everything they do.”
— María De Vecchi
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