Santo Tomás Jalieza

"With love from Mexico"

Santo Tomás Jalieza is a magical town located just fifty minutes away from Oaxaca City.

Dulce, Yolanda, Berenice and Janet are members of a communal cooperative called "Parador turístico", where strong, creative women create unique designs using cotton yarns obtained from their own crops in the region, which are pigmented with organic materials obtained from nature.

In each of their designs they use a wooden comb and a backstrap loom, key instruments for the elaboration of these wonderful designs. Their inspiration is based on the fauna and flora of the community, that is why in their creations we can find deer, owls, lizards, pomegranate flowers, among others. Always seeking to represent nature, culture and traditions.

At Nima, we believe we should know the origin of our products and that is why each item in our store is hand-crafted, full of soul, effort, and culture.

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