Textiles of Oaxaca

"Where art and tradition collide"

Oaxaca is undoubtedly a national and international cultural benchmark. Thank you to the incredible talent of Oaxacan artisans, which day by day express their feelings in each of the textiles they make, which, through colors and textures, tell a story that deserves to be heard and seen. 

The two principal villages in Oaxaca that produce wool rugs are Teotitlán del Valle & Santa Ana Del Valle. Teotitlán tends to be more heavily visited by tourists probably due to it being slightly closer to Oaxaca. In both villages, it is possible to see a live demonstration of rugs being woven.

At Nima, We aim to create unique, hand-crafted home goods by establishing healthy and sustainable relationships with our artisans. We're committed to providing fair wages and putting the spotlight on artisans we collaborate with so they can showcase their art to the world and take their businesses to the next level.

hand woven tapestry wall hanging from Mexico