When Nima Local House - our beloved Mexico City hotel - opened its doors in 2016, we embarked on a journey committed to decorating the hotel in a way that would make our guests feel at home. Somewhere along that journey, we met talented Mexican artisans and absolutely fell in love with the craftsmanship aspect of home decor.
That's when the idea of a home goods boutique store first crossed our minds. Five years after the opening of our hotel, and having hosted thousands of incredible travelers from all over the world, we knew we were ready to pursue this dream. We also knew we had to do this in collaboration with talented artisans from all over the world.
Naturally, we went back to the artisans we had met a few years back. The idea was simple: We were committed to re-connecting with old and finding new amazing artisans while building a strong, ethical, and sustainable relationship with them so we could bring their wonderful products to you to enjoy. That process took a bit longer than expected, but today Nima Local Shop is a reality.
Each item in our store is hand-crafted, full of soul, effort, and culture. By personally traveling and meeting these wonderful individuals, we're able to offer you amazing, hand-crafted products at a fair price. With love from Mexico.