Accent pillows colorways

"Textile Magic"
 Oaxaca is not only known for its black clay handicrafts, but also for those textiles of different patterns, colors, and materials that are made in the towns surrounding the capital.  
This time we will talk about a magical town where artisans literally create works of art by intertwining cotton threads of different colors obtained from natural elements. The town we are referring to is called Santo Tomas Jalieza and is approximately 40 minutes from Oaxaca City.  
When you arrive at the place, you will fall in love almost immediately with its people and their magnificent work that goes from generation to generation with the backstrap loom and their hands. We work with a cooperative that supports women of that community creating some of our most beautiful products like our accent pillows.  
The cooperative told us that the whole process is done in an artisanal way from obtaining the threads to the production of the product, the materials used to dye the pillows come from fruits, minerals, and plants such as grana cochinilla, indigo, cempasúchil, pomegranate, and jarilla leaves.
Made in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico, each pillow is One-of-a-kind.