Atzompa/Adrián Martínez

"The green clay effect"
Adrián Martínez is a sculptor and potter from the State of Oaxaca. From a very young age, he began to create pieces with his mother, following the family tradition and the ancestral technique of more than three hundred years ago. 
He is the artisan behind our iconic piece "La Cara Black Clay Decorative Object", which is handmade with a firing of more than 1,000 ° C. Adrian finds his inspiration in Mother Nature, where he tries to capture her feelings, heart, energy, and soul through the wonderful black clay pieces of art.  
Among his techniques is the slip, which is used to modify the tonality of the pieces using colored mineral pigments, a raw material extracted from the mines of the Mixteca region in Oaxaca. The technique used to bring this rich green color to life is through bronze patina and semi-reduction. 
At Nima, we're committed to providing fair wages and putting the spotlight on artisans we collaborate with so they can showcase their art to the world and take their businesses to the next level.
Green glazed pottery of Atzompa is a style of glazed pottery, which originates in the Oaxaca, Mexico town of Santa María Atzompa.