Teotitlán del Valle

"Land of gods"

Teotitlán del Valle is about 18 miles from Oaxaca city. Within the town, you can appreciate the Zapotec art, culture, and tradition embodied in its different textiles such as rugs, pendants, and cushions, among others beautiful home decor objects.

This town is internationally known for the elaboration of its handmade textiles with the help of wooden pedal looms, as well as how they naturally dyed with fruits and plants to create unreal colors.

Inside the town you can appreciate its wonderful people, their gastronomy, and a colorful dance called the "Dance of the Feather", where the participants are men who wear a plume on their heads and maracas in their hands. The act represents those indigenous people who resisted the Spanish conquest.

We fell in love with all of this cultural and traditional environment from the very first time we visited. When the idea of a home goods boutique store first crossed our minds, we knew we had to come back to these beautiful places for some inspiration. Along the way, we met wonderful artisans we are lucky to get to partner with.

Currently, of all the textiles in Oaxaca the most significant ones are the hand-woven rugs of Teotitlan del Valle and Santa Ana del Valle